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Subscription Concerts 2022-2023Program C
No. 1975 Subscription (Program C)


Rakhmaninov / The Rock, fantasy, Op. 7

Rakhmaninov composed The Rock in the summer of 1893. A notable episode says the young composer met his idol Tchaikovsky and played this new piece on the piano for him who, greatly impressed, promised to conduct it. Sadly, this never happened due to the maestro's abrupt death in November 1893.
The Rock was inspired by Chekhov's novel On the Road having an epigraph (A golden cloud rested through a night / Upon the breast of the gigantic rock) from Lermontov's poem. Chekhov's sorrowful story is set in a snowy night when a man and a woman meet and understand each other at an inn but they make their adieu the next morning. Here the "rock" stands for the snow-covered man left alone. Rakhmaninov seems to freely depict the story with his shimmering orchestration. The sinister opening theme entrusted to bassoons and strings, together with the fluttering feminine melody given by flute, leads to the stormy brassy culmination.

[Kumiko Nishi]

Tchaikovsky / Symphony No. 1 G Minor Op. 13, Winter Dreams

For many composers after Beethoven, writing the "first" symphony has been a synonym with confronting a nemesis. And so was for Tchaikovsky. A fresh graduate from the Saint Petersburg Conservatory, the young composer moved to Moscow in January 1866 to start teaching at the newly founded Moscow Conservatory some months later. He set to work on his First Symphony in March and spent three months toiling around the clock to complete it. However, he had to alter it taking tart advice from his senior musicians including Anton Rubinstein. The 1868 premiere of the full work was a success, but again Tchaikovsky revised it in 1874 to give birth to the third version which is performed at present.
To this symphony born after a long and hard labor, Tchaikovsky gave the picturesque title Winter Dreams. Also, the programmatic subtitles of the first two movements (Dreams of a Winter Journey and Land of Desolation, Land of Mist) are by him.
Abundant in tuneful melodies, the symphony consists of four movements. The opening Allegro is a fantastical sonata. Both the airy first theme exposed by flute and bassoon and the warm D-major second theme given by clarinet have a folky, charming outline. The next slow movement is a rondo (A–B–A–B–A) preceded by an ethereal introduction. The A section's pensive theme first appears with oboe, before being entrusted to cellos and then horns, so to say, in the manner of variation. This theme is derived from Tchaikovsky's early overture The Storm (1864). The next fluent Scherzo is in A–B–A form. The lightly bouncing main theme in C minor is revealed by violins divided in four parts, while the major-mode trio (central) section's graceful melody is in the waltz style. The finale begins with the slow, lugubrious introduction where bassoons and then violins quote the Russian folk song I'm planting some flowers, little one. Then comes next the main lively section in sonata form. Its valiant second theme introduced by bassoons and violas is also based on the folk song which is to be recalled gloriously by the whole orchestra during the dazzling conclusion.

[Kumiko Nishi]

*This concert will have a duration of 60 to 80 minutes without an interval.


Tugan Sokhiev ConductorTugan Sokhiev

Upon the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Tugan Sokhiev voluntarily resigned the position of Music Director of the Orchestre national du Capitole de Toulouse, which he had held since 2008, as well as the position of Music Director and Principal Conductor of the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow, which he assumed in 2014.
He was born in Vladikavkaz in North Ossetia of the former Soviet Union in 1977, and studied conducting under the legendary tutors Ilya Musin and Yuri Temirkanov at the St. Petersburg Conservatory. He garnered the world attention in 1999 when he won the highest prize in the conducting section of the International Proko!ev Competition (no 1st prize was awarded). Through his work at the Mariinsky Theatre, he was also trained by Valery Gergiev. He has been active in both orchestral concerts and operatic works, and has taken a stunning approach when conducting Russian works whilst at the same time having a reputation for conducting French music. With the Deutsche Symphonie-Orchester Berlin for which he served as Music Director and Principal Conductor from 2012 to 2016, he achieved a profound resonance playing German repertoire. Thus he is a conductor with multifarious talents despite being still in his mid-40s.
He first worked with the NHK Symphony Orchestra in October 2008, then !rst conducted its subscription series in November 2013. Since then he has frequently returned to its podium, conducting not only Russian works, but also French, German repertoire and, furthermore, works of Takemitsu. As he has had a good rapport with the orchestra in recent years, the coming collaboration is much anticipated.

[Nobuyasu Matsuoka, music critic]

Pre-concert Chamber Music Performance

Pre-concert Chamber Music Performance

Program:Morricone/ Yuya Minorikawa / Gabriel’s Oboe (from The Mission)
Kapustin / String Quartet No. 1 Op. 88 – 4th Movement
Joe Hisaishi /Yuya Minorikawa / Carrying You (from Castle in the Sky)


Portrai of Artist
Hitoshi Wakui
Portrai of Artist
Rintaro Omiya
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Tamaki kobayashi
Portrai of Artist
Yuya Minorikawa
Portrai of Artist
Hiroshi Miyasaka
Portrai of Artist
Tatsuro Honma



Subscription Concerts 2022-2023
Program C

No. 1975 Subscription (Program C)

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