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The Conductors

Chief Conductor of
NHK Symphony Orchestra, Tokyo
Fabio Luisi

Image of Fabio Luisi

Message from Fabio Luisi

We are offering you a broad, broad spectrum of classical music, with very interesting choices of soloists and conductors. And our activities are very varied, we are offering concerts for families, we are offering small chamber concerts before our subscription concerts. I will be conducting most of our concerts and am very proud and happy about it. Also in 2025, we have been invited to the Mahler Festival in Amsterdam, which is the most important festival concerning Mahler's music, and we are one of the few chosen selected orchestras in the world, which I am happy about. You cannot just go there, you need to be invited. NHK has been invited under my direction to play concerts in Amsterdam, and we are embarking on a very important European Tour surrounding these important concerts. So, our activity is very, very lovely and very strong. We have received great attention internationally. NHK Symphony Orchestra has been recognized as one of the major symphonic orchestras in the world, and this is very important that you the audience, my fans, the pubic who are attending our concerts stay true to us, because we love you and we are playing for you.

Chief Conductor NHK Symphony Orchestra, Tokyo
Fabio Luisi

Music Director EmeritusCharles Dutoit(2003-)

Honorary Conductor LaureateHerbert Blomstedt(2016-)

Conductor LaureateVladimir Ashkenazy (2007-)

Honorary ConductorPaavo Järvi(2022.9-)

Permanent ConductorTadaaki Otaka(2010-)

Permanent ConductorTatsuya Shimono(2023-)


Hidemaro Konoe 1926.1-1935.2
Josef König 1927.4-1929.4
Nicolai Schiferblatt 1929.7-1936.7
Joseph Rosenstock Chief 1936.8-1946.9
Principal 1956.3-1957.3
Honorary 1951.8-1985.10
Hisatada Otaka Chief 1942.4-1951.2
Kazuo Yamada Chief 1942.4-1951.7
Shin'ichi Takata Chief 1944.4-1951.5
Kurt Wöss Principal 1951.9-1954.8
Niklaus Aeschbacher Principal 1954.8-1956.3
Wilhelm Loibner Principal 1957.3-1959.2
Wilhelm Schüchter Principal 1959.2-1962.3
Alexander Rumpf Principal 1964.8-1965.7
Joseph Keilberth Honorary 1967.1-1968.7
Lovro von Matačić Honorary 1967.1-1985.1
Wolfgang Sawallisch Honorary 1967.1-1994.10
Honorary Laureate 1994.11-2013.2
Hiroyuki Iwaki Permanent 1969.2-2006.6
Otmar Suitner Honorary 1973.1-2010.1
Horst Stein Honorary 1975.3-2008.7
Yuzo Toyama Permanent 1979.2-2023.7
Tadashi Mori Permanent 1979.2-1987.5
Herbert Blomstedt Honorary 1986.1-2016.12
Honorary Laureate 2016.12-
Hiroshi Wakasugi Permanent 1995.4-2009.7
Charles Dutoit Principal 1996.9-1998.8
Music Director 1998.9-2003.8
Music Director Emeritus 2003.9-
Vladimir Ashkenazy Music Director 2004.9-2007.8
Laureate 2007.9-
André Previn Principal Guest 2009.9-2012.8
Honorary Guest 2012.9-2019.2
Tadaaki Otaka Permanent 2010.1-
Paavo Järvi Chief 2015.9-2022.8
Honorary 2022.9-
Fabio Luisi Chief 2022.9-
Tatsuya Shimono Permanent 2023.10-