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What is a subscriber?

  • Maintain the same seat
  • Save 10 to 30% each concert compared to a single ticket !

*Discount rate may vary by concerts and ticket range

Four benefits to being a subscriber

Reserving Your Seat

You can enjoy concerts of the program and the day of the week of your choice in the same seat throughout the subscription period

Ticket Price Advantage

Buy seasonal subscription tickets to save 10% per concert, or annual subscription tickets to save 15% per concert compared to single tickets.

Seating Priority

Subscribers can renew their subscription, change seat and buy tickets before tickets go on sale to the general public.

Change of Date

When the reserved date does not suit your schedule, you can switch the date of the concert to the day before or after (Limited to the same month and same program. Reservation needed.)

Benefits to subscribers

Discount for Subscribers

10% discount on a subscription ticket.
Discounts may also be available to special concerts (N-Kyo Hotto Concert and Beethoven 9th Symphony Concerts and so forth)

Pre-sales of Subscription and Special Concerts

Subscribers are eligible to purchase tickets for subscription tickets & single tickets, N-Kyo Hotto Concert, Beethoven 9th Symphony Concert before the sales to the general public.

Free CD and calendar

Annual subscribers will receive the NHK Symphony Orchestra's original CD (not for sale) and a calendar.

How to Become a Subscriber

1. Choose the Subscription Duration

Choose from annual subscriber or seasonal subscriber.
*Program B has only annual subscriber option

Annual subscription September through June (9 concerts)
Seasonal subscription Autumn season: September-November (3 concerts)
Winter season: December-February (3 concerts)
Spring season: April-June (3 concerts)

2. Choose the Concert Program and the Day of the Week

Select from 6 options depending on venues, the day of the week and the time to start. There are three kinds of programs, and each program has a 1st day concert and 2nd day concert

Program A (NHK Hall) A-1 First day (Saturday, 6:00pm)
A-2 Second day (Sunday, 2:00pm)
Program B (Suntory Hall)
Annual subscription only
B-1 First day (Wednesday, 7:00pm)
B-2 Second day (Thursday, 7:00pm)
Program C (NHK Hall) C-1 First day (Friday, 7:30pm)
C-2 Second day (Saturday, 2:00pm)

Your schedule option and seat cannot be changed or cancelled during the subscription year (or season).

3. Select Ticket Range

Ticket Range S A B C D D
(Youth Ticket)
(9 concerts)
[Programs A, B]
(9 concerts)
[Programs C]
(3 concerts)
[Programs A, B]
(3 concerts)
[Programs C]

*Prices in parentheses are per concert

Purchase by telephone

N-Kyo Guide(TEL: 03-5793-8161)

Business hours

Purchase on the Internet(in Japan only)