Subscription Ticket

What is a subscriber?
Subscribers are those who purchase tickets for the same program series for a season or a year. During the subscription period, subscribers are always assigned the same seat, and they save money on ticket purchases.

Four benefits to being a subscriber

Reserve your seat
You can enjoy concerts of the program series on the days of your choice in the same seat.
Save money on ticket purchases
You save more than 15% if you subscribe for one year, and 10% if you subscribe for a season compared to purchasing single tickets.
Seating priority
You can continue to purchase subscription tickets, change your seat or purchase an additional series for the coming season before tickets go on sale to the general public (additional purchases are for Programs A and C only).
Changing the date
Should it become inconvenient for you to attend a concert on the date of your choice, you can switch to the day prior to or the day after the date of your initial choice. (Reservation required. This applies only for the same month and the same program.)

Benefits to subscribers

Save 10% per single ticket for a subscription concert (except E seats).
Single ticket for subscription concert S A B C D
Discount for subscribers 8,010 6,660 5,220 4,230 3,330

(tax included)

Early purchase of
Subscribers may purchase subscription concert single tickets as well as tickets for special concerts including the "Hotto Concert" and Beethoven 9th concerts before tickets go on sale to the general public.
Free CD and
Annual subscribers will receive an original CD (not for sale) and an original NHKSO calendar.

How to subscribe

1. First decide whether you would like to become an annual subscriber or a seasonal subscriber.

Annual subscription September through June w/o March (9 concerts)
Seasonal subscription Autumn season: September-November (3 concerts)
Winter season: December-February (3 concerts)
Spring season: April-June (3 concerts)

2. Then select one of the six concert options.

Program A (NHK Hall) A-1 First day (Saturday, 6:00pm)
A-2 Second day (Sunday, 3:00pm)
Program B (Suntory Hall)
Annual subscription only
B-1 First day (Wednesday, 7:00pm)
B-2 Second day (Thursday, 7:00pm)
Program C (NHK Hall) C-1 First day (Friday, 7:00pm)
C-2 Second day (Saturday, 3:00pm)

Your schedule option and seat cannot be changed or cancelled during the subscription year (or season).

Ticket Prices

  S A B C D D
(Youth Ticket)
Annual Subscription Ticket
(9 concerts)
64,800 55,800 43,200 35,100 27,000 9,000
Seasonal Subscription Ticket
without Program B (3 concerts)
[Autumn / Winter season]
23,400 19,500 15,300 12,300 9,300 3,900
Seasonal Subscription Ticket
without Program B (3 concerts)
[Spring season]
23,820 19,860 15,570 12,540 9,480 3,900

(tax included)

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