NHK Symphony Orchestra, Tokyo


No.1823 Subscription (Program A)

Charles Dutoit, conductor


Kim Begley, Herodes


Jane Henschel, Herodias


Gun-Brit Barkmin, Salome


Egils Silins, Jochanaan


Tetsuya Mochizuki, Narraboth


Ikuko Nakajima, Ein Page der Herodias / Ein Sklave


Mitsuhiko Ono, 5 Juden-1


Kota Murakami, 5 Juden-2


Takumi Yogi, 5 Juden-3


Minoru Kamoshita, 5 Juden-4


Shigeru Hatakeyama, 5 Juden-5


Toshiaki Komada, 2 Nazarener-1


Naoyuki Akitani, 2 Nazarener-2


Masato Inoue, 2 Soldaten-1


Kenji Saiki, 2 Soldaten-2


Akihiro Oka, Ein Cappadocier




  S A B C D E
Ordinary Ticket 11,000 8,500 6,500 5,500 4,500 2,000
  S A B C D E
Youth Ticket 6,500 5,500 4,000 3,000 2,000 -

(tax included)


*E seats are non-reserved seats

*About Youth tickets (Available at N-Kyo Guide)

*Subscribers receive a 10% discount (Except E seats / Available at N-Kyo Guide and NHKSO WEB Ticket)

*For wheelchair-accessible seats, please refer to the N-Kyo Guide

*Please note that no space is available for concert-goers to wait inside the hall before the doors open.


*Repertoire, conductor, soloists and program order are subject to change without notice.

*Pre-school children are not allowed in the concert hall


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Charles Dutoit

Charles Dutoit

Charles Dutoit talks about what is fascinating about the December 2015 subscription programs including “Salome”, an opera Richard Strauss wrote at the height of his career.

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