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1. When do we ask you to give personal information?
When you subscribe to our newsletter, our orchestra magazine Philharmony, request a brochure, or complete questionnaires (for our use only), we may ask for personal information.
However, when you visit this website to get information, you can do it without giving us any personal information such as your home address.
2. What kind of personal information do we ask you to submit?
We may ask for your name, contact address and email address in case we wish to contact you.
We may ask you to provide your age and gender when we invite opinions and suggestions in this website, or when you subscribe to newsletters or request brochures.
3. We will tell you why we need personal information and how it will be used.
When we ask you to submit personal information in this website, we will tell you on the same page why it is needed and how it will be used. We ask you to submit personal information on your free will.
4. Personal information will be used only for the reasons stated.
Personal information sent to this website will not be used for any reasons other than those stated. For example, if you are informed that your opinion may be used in our magazine Philharmony with your name, your name will be used in Philharmony only. We may statistically process personal information and release it on this website. However, we will never make public any individual information which may lead to the identity of an individual.
5. We carefully protect personal information.
We protect the information you send to this website with strict security and provide a safe environment that no ordinary user can access in order to ensure that your information is not be lost, altered or leaked. Each page of this website will be placed under the responsibility of a personal information administrator who will safe-keep all of the information.
6. Revising, changing and deleting personal information
When you wish to revise, change or delete registered information that you sent to this website, we will do so only after receiving your confirmation.
7. Important notice
[1] Outside links to this website
In this website, there are some links to outside websites other than URLs starting with, or
How personal information is treated at such outside websites is strictly at the discretion of those websites, and the privacy policy of this website does not apply.
[2] Usage of Cookies
For your convenience, Cookies may be used to improve the environment of this website. Under no circumstances, however, will they reveal your identity. You can set up your browser so that you do not receive Cookies, but please note that by doing so you may not be able to use some of the services available on this website. For more information about Cookies, please refer to the terms and conditions of this website. [3] Downloading
We set up links to direct you to download pages of outside software companies so that you can use any application software used on this website. Procedures for downloading such application software follow the operating standard of the outside companies, and our privacy policy does not apply.
8. Outsourcing the production of our website
NHK Symphony Orchestra may outsource the production of this website to a trustworthy company. In such a case, any personal information will be protected under our privacy policy.
9. Revision of the “Privacy Policy of the Official website of the NHK Symphony Orchestra
Regulations may be subject to change or revision in accordance with enactments or revisions of related laws and ordinances.
10. Regulations may be subject to change or revision in accordance with enactments or revisions of related laws and ordinances.
For inquiries about how your personal information is treated, please contact us either in writing or by telephone.
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