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The fifth concert of the NHK Symphony Orchestra to be Hi-Res streamed on-demand — The 100th Subscription Concert at Orchard Hall conducted by Vladimir Ashkenazy

On-demand Hi-Res streaming of the fifth concert by the NHK Symphony Orchestra will be transmitted from Wednesday June 27th to Tuesday July 31st.

As with previous streamings, this has been made possible through collaboration with Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ) and the NHK Symphony Orchestra. The latest program includes Tchaikovsky Symphony No.5 conducted by Vladimir Ashkenazy, Conductor Laureate of the NHK Symphony Orchestra.


PCM48KHz・24bit transmission for iPhone is now available (Users must download app.)


The 100th Orchard Hall Subscription Concert | Audio Streaming

Click here for Hi-Res on-demand for computer (DSD11.2MHz & 5.6MHz/PCM96KHz・24 bit) 

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* Hi-Res audio source(DSD11.2MHz & 5.6MHz / PCM96KHz・24bit / PCM48KHz・24bit)and AAC audio source are transmitted by using the IIJ’s transmission network. To play Hi-Res audio on computers and iPhones, special applications are necessary. ACC audio can be played in a multi-device environment on computers and smartphones.


The 100th Subscription Concert at Orchard Hall Series 2017/2018
Sunday, June 3, 2018 3:30p.m.

Bunkamura Orchard Hall

Vladimir Ashkenazy, conductor


Tchaikovsky / Symphony No.5 e minor op.64 etc.


Organized by Bunkamura