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Herbert Blomstedt, Honorary Conductor, will receive the 67th NHK Broadcasting Cultural Award


The NHK Broadcasting Cultural Awards was established by NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) in 1949 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the launch of broadcasting services. The awards are presented every year to those who have made a great contribution to the development of broadcasting projects and the improvement of broadcasting culture. To date, 437 people have received awards. Included among the six recipients this year is Maestro Herbert Blomstedt, NHK Symphony Orchestra’s Honorary Conductor.


NHK has selected Maestro Blomstedt for the award for the following reasons:

For more than thirty years, Maestro Herbert Blomstedt has continuously conducted the NHK Symphony Orchestra and to enhanced the musicality and artistry of the orchestra with his meticulous guidance and direction. He has also conveyed the fascination of classical music to the public through television and radio programs including N-Kyo Hour (NHK Symphony Hour) and Classical Concert Hall, and has always been willing to work on documentary program productions and do TV and radio interviews. In 2014, he stepped onto the podium for the first ever recording of an NHK Symphony concert using 8K resolution (Super Hi-Vision), and further contributed to the development of NHK’s broadcasting culture by giving valuable suggestions for high resolution video taping from the view point of a conductor.


The awards presentation ceremony will take place at the 91st Broadcasting Memorial Day Ceremony on Friday March 18th, 2016.


For more details including a list of past recipients, please visit the site below. (available in Japanese only).