NHK Symphony Orchestra, Tokyo


Youth Ticket

Youth tickets are for people 25 years old and younger. You can save up to 72%.

Youth tickets for subscription concerts

¥1,000 per concert if you purchase an annual subscription, and ¥1,300 per concert for a seasonal subscription.

  Annual subscription D seat
(Programs A, B and C)
Seasonal subscription D seat
(Programs A and C)
Youth Ticket 9,000
Ordinary Ticket 27,000 9,300

(tax included)

*Price in( )is for one concert.


What is a subscription concert ticket? 

Youth ticket for a single concert

Receive a discount for subscription concerts (Programs A and C only)

  S A B C D E*
Youth Ticket
[Programs A and C]
5,500 4,500 3,500 2,500 1,500 -
Ordinary Ticket 8,800 7,300 5,700 4,600 3,600 1,500

(tax included)

*Unreserved tickets (Programs A and C)


November 2017 subscription Program C

  S A B C D E*
Youth Ticket 6,500 5,500 4,000 3,000 2,000 -
Ordinary Ticket 11,000 8,500 6,500 5,500 4,500 2,000

(tax included)

*Unreserved tickets


*A Youth ticket may be used only by the person who purchases the ticket.

*The discount applies for one ticket only per program.

*You may be asked to show your I.D. to prove your age at the time of purchase.

*Youth tickets can be purchased only at the N-Kyo Guide.

*Pre-school age children are not allowed into the concert venue.