NHK Symphony Orchestra, Tokyo


NHK Symphony Orchestra 90th Anniversary Special Concert | Mahler “Symphonie der Tausend”

Paavo Järvi, conductor


Erin Wall, soprano


Angela Meade, soprano


Claudia Boyle, soprano


Katarina Dalayman, alto


Annely Peebo, alto


Michael Schade, tenor


Michael Nagy, baritone


Ain Anger, bass


New National Theatre Chorus, chorus


Ritsuyukai Choir, chorus


NHK Tokyo Children Chorus, children´s chorus




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Ordinary Ticket 15,000 12,000 9,000 6,500 4,500
  S A B C D
Youth Ticket - - - 4,500 2,500

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*Repertoire, conductor, soloists and program order are subject to change without notice.

*Pre-school children are not allowed in the concert hall


Broadcast schedule of this concert


Paavo Järvi

Paavo Järvi

Paavo Järvi, conductor of the NHK Symphony Orchestra's 90th Anniversary Special Concert, talks about Mahler's 3rd Symphony and "Symphonie der Tausend."

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